Custom Artwork

Lillian's First Birthday - A commission by Lillian's aunt to commemorate her first birthday.  

Lillian's First Birthday

Here is the most recent example of a custom work.  This was commissioned as a first birthday gift, that would bring many years of enjoyment and wonder.   As with any commission, it's important to get input from the client, and to understand as much as possible about what is important to them.  Sometimes I will include actual photos, which I manipulate and print or transfer, and ephemera that people may have collected over the years on special occasions.  These might include maps, wine or liquor labels, invitations, correspondence, tickets, etc.  The real item needs not be destroyed, as they can be scanned,  and the original returned.

The painting for Lillian began with a large list about her parents, both as kids, and adults, and extended family.  Some of the things I tried to include were places they have lived, where they originated from, some of their favourite pastimes, games, rituals, and more.  Cycling is very important, skiing, music, Scrabble, reading, travel, and the family dog, amongst many others.  

Once there is enough information, it's time to start gathering potential materials, and begin the painting.  There is never enough room to use all the materials collected, but it's better to have more to choose from so the aesthetics work as well as the narrative.

Even the numbers on the stamps, as well as their providence, are meaningful.  All the numbers and letters match important dates in some way or another.  The information is recorded, so it can be shared later, as quite often, much of the ephemera is covered in paint, drawing, and other layers, but it's still there.

This is birch bark from Algonquin Park, antique game cards, Scrabble board, Thai metal face, music, handmade paper and more.

The main items here are an image transfer reminiscent of Lillian's aunt, who commissioned the work.  

This has a lot of layers, including a map of Killington, VT. , where much family time was spent, mermaids from a special bar in NYC, a game piece from Belgium, a bike, stamps, and more.

This section has the continuation of the word mermaid, a transfer reminiscent of Lillian's grandparents, real flowers, antique receipt from a toy factory, pizza paper and much more.  

Love is Here

A commission for a fiance that speaks to the places that are important to them, Balvenie Scotch label, French stocks and tickets, Austrian stamps, Japanese handmade paper, vintage Lettraset prescription symbols, a Dalmore Single Malt set of antlers and label, a floating angel, real flowers and birch bark, and much more.

They both work in the medical field, and there are references in several ways, and the scotch labels and stamps are from special times they enjoyed together. 

The  words from the antique sheet music are attached on the back of the panel.  

Cigar label, Dalmore stags head, Sunshine Dairy milk ticket, French epehmera, handmade papers

Transparent angel, antique sheet music, vintage sewing patterns, handmade papers, paint, and more.

Antique sheet music, prescription symbols from vintage Lettraset, birch bark, and more.

Antique cheque, ephemera and stamps, antique sheet music, and more.

Revelation  A custom work commissioned as an anniversary gift.  This is a much smaller work than Lillian's First Birthday, but still includes a lot of specific references requested by my client.

Angels, musical notation, specific letters, wind and sky.

An image of Jesus, birds, leaves, and sky.

It was important to have fish, eggs, the word "revelation", and a map of Brazil. 

A motorcycle, Elvis, wind, specific letters.

Ready for the Stars - A commission for a retiring high school teacher.

Star Trek is a big theme here, as is nature, travel and family.

The film reel speaks to his film editing and teaching, and the images in the reel are family, there is a small shovel.

If you look closely, there is a golfer on the horizon, one of his favourite pastimes.

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