Assemblages and Functional Art

A collection of artworks that feature painting, combined with antique ephemera, found object, and modified objects.  Each one is very unique, and all come ready to hang, with a history of the objects included.

Off to the Races, 2019

This piece is comprised of a variety of found objects, including vintage and antique ephemera, paint tubes, seashells, glass pearls, keys, milk caps, liquor labels, birch bark and much more. 

Since much of the material that found its way into the piece had the essence of movement, time passage, and sports and leisure, the title seemed to fit.

Baby head, crayfish, coral, Monkey Shoulder Scotch, labels, antique keys, rulers, birch bark, vintage terrier, bolts, old oil paint, game dice, metal warrior and more.

Metal tank, roses, glass pearls, vintage domino, bingo and horse game pieces, coral, crayfish, antique compass, ride tickets and more.

Budgie, skull, saxophone, Decca record label, bolt, fighter jet and metal war ship, glass pearls, 1937 horoscope and 1937 penny, vintage ruler, oil paint and more. 

Soldier Boy, 2019

This piece is in a very old letterpress type tray, and contains a huge variety of antique and vintage ephemera, objects, and paint.

The piece overall is about the randomness of life, duty, and the paths we take.  The two very old dolls close their eyes when the work is flat, and the wooden matches are removable and functional.  

Antique photo, baby doll, washer, vintage labels, game cards, tickets, and rulers, handmade paper and more. 

Baby hand, measuring tape, oil paint, wooden matches, sheet music, milk cap, labels and more.

Antique soldier doll, cannon, dogs, domino piece, spool, metal ad plats, quartz, stamps, handmade paper and more.

Vintage monopoly tophat, Lincoln and stamps,  orchid, bingo card and piece, vintage tobacco cards and Tetley figure of Old King Cole, and more.

Black Diamond, 2019

This piece is comprised of a variety of nautical, musical, and gaming objects and ephemera.  There are vintage match covers, shells, tin ad plates, an iron mermaid, and much more.  The stag at the top is from a Dalmore Scotch bottle, and the mermaid is from Fells Point, on the shores of Chesapeake bay.  

The work is evokes  fun and adventure, as well as human activities, progress, and travel.  It is an adventure in looking, and each piece is the original, not a reproduction.  The compass is functional, and the Monopoly card is from 1936.  

As each piece begins, there are countless options and ideas.  Once it has started, the work often dictates the direction, and the end result is a narrative that has come together to tell the story of the objects.

This old milk cap, mandolin string cover, compass, metal jet game piece, stamps and more.

Bobby Orr's head, tin ad piece, vintage dice, milk cap, dictionary entries, and NYC rail tickets.

Winston Churchill stamp, 1936 Monopoly card, ceramic bird and tree, coral, match covers, metal soldiers, and much more.

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